Our faculty have extensive experience in Teaching, Research as well as Industry. Our strength is a reflection of their skills, innovation and drive.

Faculty Name Designation Email Address Personal Webpage
Dr. K Prasanna Lakshmi Professor & HOD prasanna@griet.ac.in Click here
Dr. Y Lalitha Sri Professor lalitha_ysl@yahoo.co.in Click here
Dr. N V Ganapathi Raju Professor & Dean Alumni Affairs nvgraju@griet.ac.in Click here
Dr. Y J Nagendra Kumar Professor & Dean Technology and Innovation Cell jeevannagendra@griet.ac.in Click here
Dr.N Rajasekhar Professor rajasekhar531@gmail.com Click here
Mr. P Gopala Krishna Dean Publicity gopalakrishna@griet.ac.in Click here
Mr. G Vijendar Reddy Associate Professor gvijendarreddy@griet.ac.in Click here
Mrs. V Padma Associate Professor vpadma@griet.ac.in Click here
Dr.K Rajiv Associate Professor rajiv.research31@gmail.com Click here
Dr.V Akila Associate Professor akila_be@yahoo.co.in Click here
Dr.V Prashanthi Associate Professor prashuvempaty@gmail.com Click here
Dr.K Ravi Kiran Associate Professor ravi.10541@gmail.com Click here
Mrs.T Anitha Assistant Professor anitha@griet.ac.in Click here
Mrs. K Archana Assistant Professor archana@griet.ac.in Click here
Mrs. Y Prasanthi Assistant Professor prasanthi.yavanamandha@gmail.com Click here
Mrs. A Pavithra Assistant Professor pavithraavv@gmail.com Click here
Mrs. T N P Madhuri Assistant Professor madhuri9611@gmail.com Click here
Mr. P K Abhilash Assistant Professor abhi.griet@gmail.com Click here
Mr. K Sandeep Assistant Professor sandeepreddy283@gmail.com Click here
Mrs. K Lakshmi Sushma Assistant Professor kolli.sushi@gmail.com Click here
Mrs. L Sukanya Assistant Professor ledalla.sukanya@gmail.com Click here
Mr. A Kapil Kumar Assistant Professor a.kapilkumar30@gmail.com Click here
Mrs. V Shailaja Assistant Professor shailaja.v25@gmail.com Click here
Mrs.K Swanthana Assistant Professor swanthana.griet@gmail.com Click here
Ms.K Swapnika Assistant Professor swapnika.griet@gmail.com Click here
Mrs. S Renuka Assistant Professor renuka.csit@gmail.com Click here
Mrs.G Lavanya Assistant Professor lavanya.cvsr@gmail.com Click here
Mrs. P Bharathi Assistant Professor bharathiraaz@gmail.com Click here
Mrs. K V Sharada Assistant Professor vinishavelthuru789@gmail.com Click here
Mrs. V Vinisha Assistant Professor aksharada7@gmail.com Click here
Mrs.R Bhavani Assistant Professor saibhavanir9@gmail.com Click here
Mrs.Ch Vidyadhari Assistant Professor chalasanividyadhari@gmail.com Click here
Mr.M Suresh Babu Assistant Professor meetsuresh2019@gmail.com Click here
Ms.P Prathibha Swaraj Assistant Professor patelprathibhaswaraj@gmail.com Click here
Ms.A Srilakshmi Assistant Professor alurisrilaxmi@gmail.com Click here
Mr.Y Subbarayudu Assistant Professor subbu.griet@gmail.com Click here
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