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Testimonial of Shalivahana Mitta

Current Position:Data Modeler at Intertek, Intertek, University of Central Missouri Cary, North Carolina

I am a student of 2005 batch graduated in 2009. I am currently working as a data modeler for a global ATIC company called Intertek. Bachelors in the field of Information Technology at GRIET served as a strong foundation for me to pursue my masters in the same field at University of Central Missouri. The courses that I pursued in my bachelors were a stepping stone for my successful grades that I have achieved in my masters. My college GRIET provided an ambience of collaborative and practical learning, access to a technological bibliography and thus helped me to gain basics and an overall understanding of what Information Technology is all about. My department and faculty support were immense in guiding me in the right direction on personal and professional front. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my college, my professors and my friends in helping me achieve a career with flyingcolors.


Vikas , 2015-19
Mihir Solanki , 2016-20
M Varun , 2011-15
Hima Bindu,2012-16
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