Griet is flying with colours higher than ever this feb with the environmental fest.The eco fest had its mark and everybody contributed nothing but their best to make the event a huge success.The event was a plesent blend of competitional and cultural events which brought the best and hidden talents of the young engineers.The treasure hunt has its major contribution to the fest and there was a rush among the participants in trying out their luck in the hunt for the big jackpot.T-shirt designing and painting reminded everybody of their childhood activity which made the participants kids again and every one did have fun trying their hands with paints!Every event was surely a hit, Quiz,Essay writing,Photography,Slogan writing,Project expo,every event gave its best to the fest and the day of perfect competition smoothly ran into an plesent evening with the commencement of the cultural events which recharged us.Special mention about the ALAPANA BAND,a band of physically challenged musicians and singers who truly deserve a standing ovation!They surely stole everybody’s heart with their songs and did inspire many.The students too took their chances  in revealing their talents with singing,dancing, etc.Finally we called the day by celebrating the huge success of the environmental fest RUEDO!